Committees of BISFA

The Standards for Fibres and Textiles Committee

This Committee defines the general objectives of BISFA, develops an annual work programme and monitors the progress of working groups which are designated with specific tasks, including revising an existing methods booklet or developing new standardisation methods. The Committee exchanges information on activities taken by national and international standardization bodies.

The Policy Committee

The Standards for Fibres and Textiles Committee reports to the Policy Committee which accepts, rejects or modifies proposed activities.

The Annual General Meeting endorses the decisions taken by the Policy Committee. At the Annual General Meeting, members elect a President. The Annual General Meeting is held in March each year.

Support activities are provided by a secretariat in Brussels. English is the working language.

Programme 2015

BISFA will continue to be active in the following areas

  • Publication of new and revised booklets of man-made fibres, in order to further establish the terminology, test methods, delivery conditions and other technical rules and also to further improve communication between companies, customers and consumers.
  • Support of the applicants in their request for new generic names.
  • Continue to play an active role in international standardization organizations like CEN, ISO in order to promote its methods and terminology.
  • Advice the European Commission responsible for textile labeling in order to promote its methods and terminology.
  • Ad-hoc advice in disputes or at request,

The BISFA General Assembly was held on 13th March 2015.